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fuckikng hilarious man. cannot wait for more of these. first line was perfect. FUCKING MEXICANS hahaha

5 for slayer

i love slayer.

its an aquired taste

this type of humor i love. fucking amazing. I first hated this but after i watched it and understood how retarded it really was suppose to be i liked it so much more.

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Was pretty cool if you got time.

if ur not looking to be annyoed, look elsewehre.

cool arcade game.

if everyone here really wants an rpg then chekc points definally need to be added. or else, its fucking pointless. the tutorial boxes get reall annoying, and when u jump u cnat look down!?!?!? i was blindly jumping to my death everytime casue i had to assume i was oging to make it?? that realllly needs to be fixed. pretty swell gameplay. awfully boring after a while.

sweet and cool game.

convicts battle... forget it. dont even try to beat that bullshit.

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Thats what i wanna hear.

Id say this is a perefct 10, i was hoping to hear somehting sick, and you delivered. fucking ebm at its best.


i see what your saying XP. not a bad attempt, i encourage you to make music man. this has lots of amateur elements easily pointed out.

a good rule to live by, if its not awesome, make it awesome. right now, this is not awesome, but it wants to be.

practice making songs dude, you wont beleive the amount of songs i have not submitted to ng becuase i ended up not liking them after I was finished. You have to feel very ocnfident in your work nowayadays man.

good luck.


ALot better than most of ur stuff i heard. Full of energy, i loved it. Could use more build up. More bass, but everything else seems pretty legit. nice kick distortion you used. I am very glad i inspire such awesome music =D!!!

14etan responds:

thanks man i was like im gonna take a new direction in this pumped the bpm to 160 and played it i was surprised the kick i could get with garage band thanks for the inspiration and keep ur eye out im halfway trhough a new 1

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Sharpie always gets me. lovee sharpie. i jsut love everything about this picture.

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