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Was pretty cool if you got time.

if ur not looking to be annyoed, look elsewehre.

cool arcade game.

if everyone here really wants an rpg then chekc points definally need to be added. or else, its fucking pointless. the tutorial boxes get reall annoying, and when u jump u cnat look down!?!?!? i was blindly jumping to my death everytime casue i had to assume i was oging to make it?? that realllly needs to be fixed. pretty swell gameplay. awfully boring after a while.

sweet and cool game.

convicts battle... forget it. dont even try to beat that bullshit.


how do i beat level one? i have 75 achivemenst and nothing happened. this is lame.


i didnt know how the hell to do most of the shit. hard as fuck.
cute animations. but i really wont be playing this ever again.

eh. could have been wayyy better.

extremely basic arcade style gameplay. not even really any cool combo moves. you get fucked if someone else hits you, which is often. bosses are pretty cool. they dont seem overpowered. amazing graphics but gameplay is very repetative, lame, and not intene enough. 2 different attacks? cmon. at least get 2 buttons to do awesome comos.

very low replay rate to me. the first 2 levels shows you tehr est of the game. it will piss u off.


decent enough. game got SO bad when ninjas came and first boss is just retarded.

great programming, but the fact of its 2d moving UP AND DOWN really pisses me off, i missed 99% of every hit =(.

cool as game and idea.

Improved yet got worse

i LVOED the first one, but it got way to hard later on.

this one, the first level was too hard, then the second level i could get to last level and lost. neevr ahd enough gold, upgrades were not worth getting everything sucked. here is jsut not enough.

graphics are quite the step up, really nice looking there, more turrets is cool, but the money for them is mot worth it. i will not come back to this one, ill stay with the original =)


i wish them controls were better. i really like the concept. but the controls just were too fcked up and it realy ruined it =((.

up was like left and down was right, it really messed with my head jasdlkfjsdkf


it was cool at first il give u that,

but there is no fucking way you can kill that many people with the shitty weapons we get.

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